Learning Management System (LMS)

LMS stands for Learning Management System, translated into Vietnamese means Online Learning Management System . In essence, this is an application software that allows the management, operation of the system of documents, instructions, monitoring, reporting and provision of electronic education technologies for courses or training programs. create.

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Which business is LMS software suitable for?

Any enterprise or unit that needs to develop training activities needs to consider and consider LMS software. It is necessary and brings high support, great benefits in the development process. However, in reality, each organization operates on a completely different scale and characteristics. Therefore, the calculation and consideration to determine which software is appropriate is always a dilemma for the operators.

The advantages of Learning Management System (LMS)

Main feature

Basic features for modern software development

With meticulous design, breathtaking speed and flexible workflow, A2Z Tech provides the features you need for an Effective Online Learning and Conference Solution product.

1. E-learning – Online Class

Where we can put all the lecture content such as clip lectures, exercises, etc. Students can view online content, can discuss, do test, comment, …. on the system. Serving the needs of monitoring and evaluating students’ progress, online training for businesses,…

2. Livestreaming system – Real-time online classroom

We can interact with learners around the world at Thinking School’s Livestreaming system. All livestream lessons are recorded and archived.


3. Dashboard – Management Panel

This dashboard can control all the learning situation of each student on each subject. Dashboard is also personalized for different target groups: students, lecturers, etc. each have their own dashboard.


4. Application – Mobile application

A2ZTech has developed learning mobile applications on android and ios platforms. We can study on portable electronic devices such as phones, ipads, etc., whenever and wherever.

A2ZTech has also developed standardized training content available with classes on the system and divided into groups such as: Leadership skills , People skills – teamwork…

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What do I have to do to be able to use the above solutions?

  • Very simple! you just need to register for the solution package that suits your business at “Price list”.
  • If you need advice, please contact A2ZTech via hotline 082.998.55.88 or fill in the information in the “More advice” section for Nhan Hoa. get back to you.

2How can I upgrade to a higher package?

  • Please contact A2ZTech via hotline 082.998.55.88 so that the staff can support you to upgrade and translate Service is completely uninterrupted during this upgrade. 

3 What is the LMS system?

  • LMS is an acronym for Learning Management System. A learning management system is software that helps you create, manage, organize and deliver training materials to learners.

4What costs do businesses pay attention to when building an LMS?

  • The cost of building e-Learning and LMS is a matter of great concern to businesses when deciding intend to use this software. When building an LMS, businesses need to pay attention to costs such as setup costs, maintenance costs and system maintenance costs.

5What are most essential security features of LMS?

Increasing security is a factor that businesses need to pay great attention to when implementing e-Learning and LMS. The most essential security features:

  • SSL: Secure Socket Layer
  • SSO: Single Sign On
  • Users, roles and permissions
  • Password Settings
  • Registration and authentication
  • Document protection
  • Prevent downloading lecture materials

6What support do I get when using the service?

  • A2ZTech focuses on quality to serve customers and is committed to lifelong support during product use Products. In addition, the staff is ready to advise and support customers through many forms such as: phone, chat, email, ticket, …

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