Assert, build brand image

The domain email system is considered as a means to help you appear often, at the right time, influence customer perception and make them remember the image as well. as the name of the brand is quite effective. When a customer opens an email and immediately remembers the name of the website or product or service that you are doing business with thanks to the domain name suffix at the end.

Show your business professional style

A unified email system with the same structure gives a professional feel. Especially when your business assigns many employees and departments to work/cooperate/transact with the same partner.

Easy to check and manage

Email under your own domain is a way for businesses to manage employee email addresses in a company. This system helps to control internal information and avoid the case of forging employees’ emails to work with customers and partners.

Inbox rate up to 99%

In fact, emails using a private domain name are appreciated and are less likely to be sent to the recipient’s spam box than free email addresses. Customers can send messages in large quantities and the number of messages reaching their inboxes is also higher.

Update many outstanding features

Email with its own domain has more features and utilities than free email. Commitment to service quality and technical support from suppliers.



– Email by business domain name
– Rate of mail to mail box up to 99%
– Very simple registration and setup
– Safe and secure
– Compatible with all devices
– Friendly interface

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-The rate of mail to mailbox is up to 99.9%
– Full system administration rights
– Easy upgrade / expansion without service interruption
– Multi-language support
– Friendly interface, easy to operate

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– Having the familiar Gmail background. Easy to access and use.
– Using Google applications birth system: Gmail, Google docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Google driver, Hangouts, Meet, Calendar,…
– Supported 24/7 by Google and A2ZTech

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– Have familiar Outlook Email platform. Make it easy to access and use
– Diversified Microsoft Office application ecosystem: Word, Excel, Power Point, OneDrive, Forms, OneNote,…
– Supported 24/7 by Microsoft and A2ZTech

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Umail Private Email Server Google Workspace Microsoft 365
Outstanding advantage Friendly interface, easy to use, competitive cost Full authority to administer the email system without the intervention of any other party Full Gmail and Google Workspace apps: Gmail, Google docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Google driver, Hangouts, Meet, Calendar,… Complete Email Outlook and Mircosoft Office Applications: Word, Excel, Power Point, OneDrive, Forms, OneNote,…
Suitable audience

Individuals, small and medium enterprises, only use Email to exchange information.

Employees do not need to be technically savvy

Businesses have an absolute need for information security

Having a highly qualified technical team to be able to operate the mail system by themselves

Large and medium enterprises

Businesses are used to using Gmail and applications in the Google Workspace ecosystem

Large and medium enterprises

Businesses have a high frequency of using documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with people outside the organization and flexibly use both online and offline.

Size of personnel Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Cost Only from 15k/user/month Only from 320k/80GB/month
(unlimited users)”
Only from 106k/user/month Only from 99k/user/month
without interruption
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile App Yes Yes Yes Yes
Collaboration Tools No No Google Workspace Apps: Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Google driver, Hangouts, Meet, Calendar,
(only online version)
Microsoft Office Applications: Word, Excel, Power Point, OneDrive, Forms,
(both online and offline versions)
Mobile App Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email size 2GB-20GB/user 80GB-250GB
(Unlimited Users)
30GB – 5TB/user 2GB-50GB/user
Stability, time
99% 99% 99% 99%
User Interface Vietnamese user-friendly Umail interface The interface of the Kerio or Zimbra software The familiar Gmail interface The familiar Outlook interface


Email or E-mail is an acronym for the phrase Electronic Mail which means electronic mailbox in Vietnamese. An email address is a mailbox that sends and receives mail over a computer network. The appearance of Email brings a lot of benefits in work as well as human life. Thanks to an Email address, you don’t have to go to the post office to send a letter and wait for a long response like before. With an Email address you can send and receive instant feedback from the comfort of your home.

– Advantages of Email addresses
+ Save time: A regular letter when sent will take a long time to reach the recipient. But with an Email address, it only takes a few seconds for the recipient to receive the information without having to wait too long like the traditional way of sending.
+ Cost savings: For traditional letters, you need to spend money to buy stamps to send to recipients. But with Email, you will not need to spend any money. You just need to compose on your computer and send
+ Contains many types of information: If with handwritten letters, all you can send is written information, now with Email addresses you can attach different types of files from images, videos to audio files…
+ High security: Each email address will always have a separate password set by the owner. Therefore, only when you have a password can you log in to Email, otherwise you will not be able to see any information.
Disadvantages of email addresses:
+ May contain viruses: There are many messages that may contain files with viruses, users need to be careful when opening Emails from people you do not know or when asking to download attachments to avoid viruses.
+ Misleading: Email addresses do not show words or express emotions, so recipients can misinterpret the sender’s message
+ Annoying ads: Users are often bothered by spam messages, ads or lose important messages due to spam. You should learn how to block spam messages if you don’t want to be annoyed by them.
+ Storage limit: Most free Email services have storage limits, so you may not receive or be forced to delete important messages because your inbox is full.

– Personal email
Personal email is the account of each individual, the Email extension is the domain name of the provider, for example: @yahoo.com, @gmail.com,… In business, if an employee uses a personal email address To work, the company’s data and information will be on this Email and the company cannot manage it. That leads to when employees quit, the company may also lose this information, data, etc.
– Business email
Business email is an account with the Email extension associated with the business domain name. This email is issued by the company to each employee to use to communicate at work such as sending letters to customers, partners, etc. If the employee leaves, the company can still recover the Email and ensure the data, information as well as in the safe domain.
– Email Marketing
Email Marketing is a marketing tool, an approach to promoting products or services through Email.
Email Marketing is very effective for campaigns to promote customer care products, bringing customers closer to the brand.

Including the domain name in the email is the most important rule when creating a professional email address. Email with a domain name is associated with a legally transparent business, and of course, this means that your email address is considered more trustworthy.
Instead of using an email of the form username@gmail.com, use an email of the form username@domain. Using domain names in email addresses helps bring high customization, flexibility in using tools, good management, avoiding being marked as spam, etc. Specifically:
+ An email address with a domain name makes it easier to use features on Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.
+ Allows administrators to make changes when there is a change in personnel (business email).
+ Email address has a more reputable domain name, the possibility of being marked as spam and junk mail by Google is lower.
+ Flexible in access, you can access email anywhere with smart devices, connected to the network when integrating webmail.
+ A professional email address that allows management and control of the content of sent/received emails while still ensuring security needs.

– Cc and Bcc
Carbon copy and Blind carbon copy are the full words of CC and BCC. The use of 2 CC items in email is used to send to many people at the same time. The BBC is similar. But BBC is better than CC in that if the sender chooses to send using CC, the recipients will know which email addresses the sender has sent mail to. In BBC, the recipient will only see himself as the recipient of the message.
– Junk mail, Bulk mail, Spam
Junk mail, Bulk mail, Spam mail These 3 words are generally to classify spam. Spam messages are messages that are not intended for advertising or fraud that are sent in bulk and are included here. However, there are also some cases where it is mistakenly recognized and included here.
POP3, IMAP these are 2 protocols to receive email to the machine via mail client. The main difference is that POP3 will download email to your computer, phone, or device you install POP3.
And IMAP will map (in other words, display the same as your website’s mail box) to your computer. Everything that does your computer affects your mailbox. POP3 is not affected.