Affiliate Marketing System

Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate Marketing is a form of performance-based marketing in which vendors ( merchant or advertiser) pays a commission to the distributor (affiliate or publisher) for each customer that the distributor brings.

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Components of Affiliate Marketing

The advantages of Affiliate Marketing System

Main Features

Common forms and models of Affiliate marketing

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Forms of affiliate marketing

  • CPA (Cost Per Action): An online advertising model in which advertisers pay for specific actions by people use as form filling, membership registration, survey responses, or marketing campaigns.
  • CPI (Cost Per Install): Advertisers wishing to develop application software can use this form to Introduce your software and applications to users. Publisher pays referral commission for each download. CPI is one of the formats preferred by people making money online.
  • CPS (Cost Per Sale): This is the most modern and sustainable form of affiliate marketing with the principle of win-win. benefit suppliers and distributors. In this form, the business owner pays a commission if the purchase or sale of goods or services of a supplier.

6 Website model that brings the highest conversion

  • Coupon site: Coupon sites always have a high number of users and good conversion rates.
  • Review site: Sites about product reviews, giving advice to customers.
  • Comparison site: The discount code website mentioned above has a very high conversion rate.
  • Focus Industry site: Website specialized in certain industries.
  • Data Segment & Automation, Funnel: Websites that use Automation and funnels.
  • Cashback: A very popular model today hitting the psychology of consumers who like to be rewarded and “like change”

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What do I have to do to be able to use the above solutions?

  • Very simple! you just need to register for the solution package that suits your business at “Price list”.

  • If you need advice, please contact A2ZTech via hotline 082.998.55.88 or fill out the information in the “More advice” section to A2Z Tech get back to you.

2How can I upgrade to a higher package?

  • Please contact A2ZTech via hotline 082.998.55.88 so that the staff can support you to upgrade and translate Service is completely uninterrupted during this upgrade.

3What is Affiliate Marketing?

  • Affiliate marketing (or affiliate marketing) is a form of collaborative marketing where participants will receive a commission if the Introduce customers to purchase. To put it simply, affiliate marketing is referring to products and services to receive marketing commissions.

4What skills do you need to equip to do affiliate marketing?

  • Like any other job, to succeed with affiliate marketing, you need to arm yourself necessary skills. Those are marketing skills such as: digital marketing, content marketing, social, SEO, blog, website, advertising…
    However, the most important thing is still your knowledge and experience about the product. Therefore, the best way is to promote products that you have used and really believe in.

5 What support do I get when using the service?

  • A2ZTech focuses on quality to serve customers and is committed to lifelong support during product use Products. In addition, the staff is ready to advise and support customers through many forms such as: phone, chat, email, ticket, …

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