5 Reasons why you will regret not having a personal website

Every day more than 547 thousand new websites are created, most of them related to business and services. Whether to launch a new startup, to set up an online store or even to introduce a nonprofit organization, a website is needed. What about a personal website? Why do you need to build your own website?


1. Website helps build personal brand

According to Workfolio, 56% of employers are most impressed with candidates who have a personal website, but unfortunately only 7% of candidates have their own website. Owning an impressive personal website means that you have an advantage and stand out from most others.

Personal website allows you to precisely set details about your personality and abilities, starting with small things like bio and profile picture. profile. When someone finds you, they immediately visually visualize who you are.


2. Help increase your chances of finding a job

Finding a job is still a big concern for most of the world’s population. While LinkedIn and other recruiting platforms can help you with that, consider the following: If a recruiter looks at your resume and tries to find you on LinkedIn or Facebook, they may You can get lost among thousands of names like you. But if you have a personal website that aggregates different social media accounts (and put that URL on your resume), that becomes a lot easier.

Moreover, a personal website can help employers find you more easily, even if you have never applied for a job, because it allows your information show up in Google search.


3. An impressive digital portfolio

Setting up a personal website allows you to showcase your expertise and provide proof of your competence. This is a must if you are in one of the creative fields such as writing, design, art, music, etc.

Although you can list your skills on a resume, having a portfolio as a website makes the presentation more vivid, and at the same time increase your professional score in the eyes of people.


4.Opportunity to promote yourself and share knowledge

For example, if you are a motivational speaker or life coach, your personal website would be a great place to show the world know what you do and how to contact you. Similar to having a portfolio, you can post videos of your past work, client lists and even the positive reviews you’ve received.

Online spaces are increasingly becoming the leading source of information. This theory can be applied across many fields, from the entertainment industry to the world of business and commerce. Personal websites play a huge role in conveying expert knowledge and objective opinions, as they can be set up by knowledgeable individuals who want to share their experiences. . So if you have a lot of experience and knowledge and want to help others or become an expert in a particular field, a personal website is an ideal platform.


5. Make money from personal website

Depending on the orientation as well as the field you develop on the website, you can also make money based on it. Specifically, if your personal website has high daily visits, you can install GG Adsense to make money from Google or sell advertising positions on your website to many other similar ad units. This requires a website that has the ability to develop well and attract a high number of users.