Top 10 website design trends in 2021 – 2022

Just like the daily development of technology, every year website design trends change to give users the best experience. What innovative website interface ideas are being applied to attract more users? What is something you can’t miss if you don’t want to be ahead of your competition?

A2Z Tech has compiled a list of the most popular web design trends today so you are always ready to change. Here are the top 10 for what you are looking for.


1. Asymmetrical layout reigns supreme

In recent years, websites are often designed with a symmetrical grid interface. While this makes the site structure more streamlined, it also reduces originality and creativity significantly. Websites will look boring, similar to each other and become unattractive to visitors. Therefore, the web design trend in 2021 will be towards the asymmetrical design style.

This trend helps your website get out of the rut in design style and layout. Especially for businesses that are inclined to creative fields or trade in separate and exclusive products. One note when designing a website with an asymmetrical layout is to find a balance. You should make sure that no piece of content is too much for the best user experience on your website.


2. The trend of minimalism and white space

Modern website design trends are returning to minimalism with a wave of purposeful white space, just like in print magazines. White space helps customers navigate through the pages of your site, from one location to the next – and it creates a visual hierarchy where no activity can be distracted from the total. body. White space allows customers to access and define your site hierarchy. White space allows the viewer’s eyes to rest. And they use white space to find the most important information on pages, so knowing how to use white space on your site will help improve your site’s user experience (UX).

Minimalism is also known by another term – Flat design. This is not a new trend in web design, but it will still be a trend. In 2021, experts expect people to experiment with this style with more colors in the design. web design, it is not necessary to use all white to be “simple”.

3. Dark mode – Dark mode

Instead of designing websites with bright and colorful interfaces, in 2021-2022 that trend has changed. This year is the year of designs that use dark interfaces, focusing on user experience. Dark mode, night toggle, and interface light level change options provide users with a low-contrast website or app that’s easier to see in low-light environments.

In fact, dark mode helps reduce eye strain for users as we spend more and more time in contact with electronic screens. In terms of aesthetics, dark mode easily creates modern interfaces, while helping to highlight other content simply by darkening the areas around it. The big companies that have successfully applied it can be mentioned as: Apple, Facebook, Mercedes-Benz, Hublot… Dark mode web design not only looks extremely modern, but they are also easy to see and make the colors and elements pop-up design element.


4. Mobile first – Invest in Mobile interface

The mobile first trend continues to lead as a must-have feature of every website. If before, your website only needed to have a standard mobile interface, now your website must not only be compatible and work well but also be easy to use on mobile devices. Websites are increasingly optimized to create friendliness when users surf the web with their thumbs.

Based on the customer’s mobile web surfing behavior, the thumb is the finger most used to interact on the phone screen. Understanding that behavior, the website should be designed so that every time a customer needs to interact, it can be easily done with the thumb. That’s why website design needs to optimize the navigation bar, menu, even CTA buttons in the space that the user’s thumb can reach easily, helping to improve the UX for the website and increase the number of users. comfortable customer experience on the site.

In fact, applying technology  Responsive in website design is no longer an option, it has become a trend.

Thumb-friendly locations on the screen

5. Integrated animation effects

Moving images (animation) gradually become a typical trend in 2021 – 2022. as a new element to attract users in communication approach . The animations make the user experience more interesting and lively. Effects on buttons or hover effects for a section can be creatively different.

Use background animations in a creative and unique way to make a good impression on customers right away. With modern website design techniques, the use of dynamic backgrounds does not affect the loading speed of the web. These animations use javascript/HTML5/CSS3 allowing for a smooth, natural-looking scrolling effect.


6. Data visualization

Use data visualization by creating infographics, graphs, or charts from existing data that engage readers and make them want to learn more about your brand. This trend in website design helps to create a competitive advantage for websites and effectively convey messages.

7. Integrate AI on the website

AI (artificial intelligence) is increasingly widely applied in life. You can come across AI in every field, including web interface design. When your website has AI integration, you can provide users with more data to meet their needs when visiting your website. This tool will help you collect information about your users, automatically change the look and feel of your website to suit the user, and place the elements that need attention in the most appropriate places.

Chatbox is one of the top priority tools integrated into the website to interact with customers quickly. Chatbot AI can understand what users are looking for on the website and quickly recommend the most suitable solutions to solve their problems. This can help increase a positive customer experience and save businesses a significant amount of money as the AI chatbot becomes more and more like a “real person” and has the ability to replace a direct customer care staff. in the future.


8. Application of VR virtual reality technology

The trend of applying smart VR technology on websites will continue to improve and develop in the coming years. VR is considered a powerful tool to help provide useful content, as well as attract visitors to the website, thereby boosting their purchase decision.

Here is one of the visual examples of integrating VR application on a website selling furniture. VR technology allows customers to visualize what a coffee table you love on the website will look like when placed in the room space. Thereby helping buyers have the most intuitive view of the product before they decide to buy online.


9. Enhanced Usability

A web design trend that is being noticed in the world and is expected to be popular in 2021-2022 and the following years is to increase usability. The interface of the website will be minimized to improve performance and ease of use. Anyone accessing your website (including people with disabilities) can easily use the website as usual.

One form of website usability enhancement is voice user interface design. You can see how much voice commands have been added and improved in search engines like Google. We can also see some virtual applications that use voice commands such as Youtube, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri. The voice search trend is sure to be a very prominent design and it is also predicted to be the dominant design trend of next year.

Example of difficult situations using traditional website design

10. Personalized Content

One of the website design elements that is expected to be popular in 2022 is to personalize content according to the user’s geographical location and browsing history . This trend uses a user’s browsing history and location to recommend “viewed” content, or provide the most accurate information based on past or related search behavior. relative to the location of the area around the user. For example, when using Google as a search engine, people in the Dong Da area, Hanoi when searching for restaurant addresses will see different suggested results than users in the Ba Dinh area, Hanoi. when searching for a similar information.

Personalized content will probably be the more important factor for sales e-commerce sites. Showing the most recently viewed, saved or liked products will effectively increase the conversion rate.

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